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Jun 18, 2018 -
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Wireless Internet Service
PIDS is excited to be the first to offer high speed wireless internet to the Marinette/Menominee area. You probably have many questions about this new technology, and our goal is to make sure they're all answered. If you have any remaining questions or are interested in signing up, please email

Residental Wireless Internet Service
Pids offers 3 Residental Wireless Internet Plans. These plans can be changed at anytime by calling us and simply requesting the new change of service.

   64k Plan - 14.95 per month (a little faster than dialup)
 256k Plan - 24.95 per month (approx. 10 times faster than dialup)
 512k Plan - 34.95 per month (approx. 20 times faster than dialup)

Business Wireless Internet Service
Pids offers 2 standard Business Wireless Internet Plans. These plans can be changed at anytime by calling us and simply requesting the new change of service.

 256k Plan - 39.95 per month (approx. 10 times faster than dialup)
 512k Plan - 69.95 per month (approx. 20 times faster than dialup)
 Over 512k - Call for pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is wireless internet?
Wireless internet is a way to deliver high speed internet to a location using antennas instead of cables. The connection is always active, which means when you turn on your computer, you're on the internet. It's that simple. It's also completely independent of the phone line, so you'll never miss a call by being on the internet. If you have a second phone line just for the internet, you can drop that line.

What equipment do I need? And how much will it cost?
To hook up one computer, three parts are needed. A card that goes in the computer, an antenna, and a cable to connect the card to the antenna. The cost for these items is around $270, but it will vary slightly depending on how long of a cable is needed, and what type of antenna is used. Different types of antennas are used depending on where the site is in relation to PIDS' access points.

To hook up multiple computers, as would typically be done for business customers, you would also need a Firewall or Router.

Is the connection affected by weather?
We have not noticed any connection problems because of weather. The equipment has operated through snow, rain and fog with no loss of signal

Where is this service available?
It's hard to give an exact answer to this question. If you are close to an access point, you shouldn't have any problem getting a signal. If you are farther away, then antenna placement becomes more important. In tests, we've picked up a signal 8 miles away from an access point. To achieve that long of range though, it is necessary to get the antenna up high enough to have a clear path back to the access point. PIDS currently has access points in Marinette and Menominee. We'll be adding in additional access points to these areas to provide more thorough coverage as well as expanding to other areas. If you are interested, a test will be done at your location to see if a signal can be gotten.

How am I billed?
Business customers receive a paper invoice through the mail. Residential customers receive notice via email. If a residential customer would like an invoice mailed each month, it will cost an additional $1/month.

If I cancel my account, what happens to the equipment?
You are the owner of the equipment. If you would like to sell it back to PIDS, we may purchase it back for a depreciated price dependent on the age of the equipment and the selling price of new equipment.